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About Us

Pet Porter Pals strives to maintain the precious bond between animals and humans by keeping seniors and their pets connected through the provision of pet care assistance and personal pet visits.

Our Mission

To bring joy, enrichment and overall wellness to the lives of seniors and the pets who love them unconditionally

Our Values

We believe pets are an essential part of our daily lives and should be cherished


We respect all aspects of diversity with regard to each and every pet parent



We understand the special bond that exists between pets and their human companions

Our Vision

A world where seniors and their pets can spend their golden years together without the fear of being separated

Our Story

Carmel & Gary.JPG

Established in 2017, Pet Porter Pals allows founder Carmel Mims to combine her two passions: working with animals and helping people.


Carmel’s compassion and desire to make a positive difference in the lives of others has been displayed in her work with adults with developmental disabilities and those overcoming homelessness.


She chose to shift gears towards specifically helping senior citizens after thinking about the deep connection seniors have with their beloved pets, and the inevitable heartbreak that must result when they are no longer able to care for them after transitioning into assisted living.


The usual outcome in this situation is to either surrender the pet to a local animal shelter or entrust the pet to family or friends to resume care, but the separation can be incredibly devastating for both the pet and senior.

This led to an “a-ha” moment for Carmel when she thought of a solution that would allow the pet and senior to maintain their special bond through the provision of pet care assistance and personal visits, thereby promoting overall wellness and an enhancement in the quality of their lives. Thus Pet Porter Pals was born, and the mission to keeping seniors and their pets connected!


Carmel will expand Pet Porter Pals to personally caring for seniors’ pets in her own facility, eliminating the chance of the pet being in a shelter or bounced around various foster homes. This would not only give seniors peace of mind in knowing their precious pet would have a permanent home where they’re cared for, but that they would continue to see them on a regular basis.


Carmel truly believes the “a-ha” moment that created Pet Porter Pals will lead to so many special moments for seniors and their pets, which is the ultimate gratification.

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